The Chip Connoisseur Signs Off

Hey all you Earfooligans, this is Jason. Nathan and I talked a little about my livelihood and career in previous episodes, but not much. I am a full time visual artist with a family and it is very tough to come by free time. I was able and happy to work on the episodes with my brother, Nathan, over the last year (longer if we included the previous subjects). It was fun and I learned quite a bit about things I never knew.

In order to bring you accurate information, it is important for us to do quite a bit of research and that is the part that has become difficult for me. I have big art exhibitions planned coming up and that will be eating up all my time. This is the only reason I had to sign off. If, for any reason, you would like to keep up with that art you can find it on my website.

I will continue to be here for Nathan and will hop on episodes whenever he needs me; although, most likely, in a different way of presentation. I would ask you to please continue to listen because I know Nathan wants to bring you his best and will make a great show. He knows a ton about music and does enjoy digging into the people that bring the music. I've said it before, he also makes good music. Please give it all a listen:

Porter and the Lorings


Thanks, and keep on listening! I'll be around.

A word from Earfool:

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