Hello It’s Me by Todd Rundgren

This is the tale of one song that stumbled its way into two incarnations of itself. From a proto power pop jam, jangled out by a sharp dressed quartet, to a thrown together jam session pounded out in a haze of weed and hallucinogens by talented session players and a man dressed like a peacock. Join the guys as they wade through, Todd Rundgren’s, somewhat apprehensive 1973 hit, “Hello, Its Me”.

1 thought on “Hello It’s Me by Todd Rundgren

  1. Mom, mom, mom ,mom hey Mom mom Hey mom mom! I was on earfool!!!!
    Hey why didn’t someone tell me I have the most annoying non radio voice ever!!!!
    Terry Gross sounds manlier!
    You guys sound dreamy 💓
    Thanks again Nay and Jay it was awesome!!!!

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